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About The Company

Atomization in progress

Deva Metal Powders Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1982 and production of Atomized Aluminium Powder commenced in 1984 at Varanasi U.P. India. The company was founded by Sri Amitabh Deva who is a specialist in the field of Powder Metallurgy.

The company started production with self developed technology. Over the years, through continuous improvements, it has achieved very high energy and performance efficiency in atomization which is the heart of the metal powder production plant.

Atomization is a process in which molten metal is made to pass through a small hole in the centre of the atomizing nozzle. This stream of molten metal strikes the apex of the cone of a fast moving high energy jet of gas and is dispersed into fine metal droplets. This fine spray is cooled rapidly and metal powder is separated from the gas stream. The powder so collected is then sieved, graded, blended and packed.

Production of Flake Aluminium Powder has also been developed though in house R & D.

We now also offer technical know how as well as supply of complete plant including atomizer for production of metal powders. Atomizing nozzles of sonic and super-sonic jets are designed and manufactured in house.

The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified for manufacture of all types and grades of Aluminium Powder.